Boost small business sales with email lead generation

Sales. It never stops. As many small business owners know, converting leads into sales takes time and a strategic plan. If what you’re currently doing is not hitting sales goals, it’s time to rethink your email marketing strategy. What is email lead generation? you ask. First off, email marketing is a must for small businesses. […]

Get into a positive mindset and tackle the day

Your small business is counting on you to lead the way. That’s quite the pressure, knowing so many things are at play. Success experts have found, successful people have a ritual and it starts in the morning. It’s simple. Set aside time every morning and follow a routine. The results will get you ready to […]

How to book yourself as a guest on a podcast

Podcasts are wildly popular. This means they are an excellent platform to promote your small business because podcast listeners are highly engaged and it’s likely they will remember you. Many podcast hosts invite guests to join their shows. Positioning yourself as an expert to the right podcasts will help you market your small business, in […]

How to fire employees and keep them in your network

Firing employees isn’t fun for anyone, especially for small business owners. But there comes a time when an employee doesn’t have the chops for what you hired them for, or they can’t keep up, or some life circumstance is affecting their performance on the job. Firing with empathy can go along way, and handling the […]

Three Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses

A Tweet here, a LinkedIn update there….when does it end? Managing your social media accounts is like trying to tame a hungry — mind you, a very hungry beast. Social media is now a requirement for any business to thrive. It’s no longer a cute thing to do, social media marketing is a must. So, […]

Financially Speaking: Tips for Small Businesses

Being a business owner can be as exciting as it is daunting. The never-ending tasks to keep track of and staying ahead of the competition comes down to one integral thing: financial health. But how do you get there? Consider these four tips for small-business finances. Get organized. This may seem obvious, but keeping financial […]

Now Trending: Three Business Trends on the Uptick in 2019

Trends come and go. In 2019, the business climate will continue to change. Consider embracing these three trends to stay relevant. The gig economy is booming. Perhaps a side job prompted you to go into business for yourself. You’re not alone. In fact, released a survey and found that 40 percent of jobs in the United States are side gigs. With this in mind, think about how your small business can capitalize on this trend by offering a line of new services. Major companies, for instance, are outsourcing important marketing roles such as social […]