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    As a brand new group joins the work force this graduation season, many of these greenhorns may find that the are more used to the rules or school and not those of the workplace. Here is a list of some of the golden rules any good employee should follow.

    • Keep busy. Your superiors are not like your teachers or your parents. They will not assign you little chores or busy work to keep you occupied. It is important to find things to contribute to the business if you have any down time.
    • Be on time. Okay, this one is pretty simple and just like class, only if you are late you’ll miss more than just a few concepts, you’ll be missing that paycheck.
    • Practice respect. This includes respecting yourself, your co-workers, and customers. But even more than that, it means respecting the business. Higher-ups notice it when employees act like the business is theirs by doing everything in their power to make things run smoothly. Ever wonder how to get ahead on the corporate ladder without stepping on toes? This is it.
    • Be economical. This falls into respecting the business. Don’t waste time or supplies.
    • Practice patience and courtesy. This is the true golden rule: treat others—be it co-workers , your boss, or customers—how you would like to be treated.

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