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How to retain good employees for the benefit of your company

The short answer, whatever goes wrong at your company is your responsibility so blame yourself first. Running a company means you are responsible for being a good employer. As you grow your reputation, you must also try to see yourself through the eyes of others. As a business owner you operate from your own worldview […]

How to Keep Your Business Going During the Pandemic

You may be a small business owner who is out there acting as if nothing has changed a bit. Or you may be cowering at home terrified to catch Covid-19 from your fridge door. Whichever case you may be, hear me out on some practical tips and information that could help you make it through […]

Six Trends Impacting Small Businesses

Big or small, businesses can experience disruption full throttle. Sometimes disruption can put a company entirely out of business thanks to upstarts chomping away at your revenue. Other times, it is smart to evolve and diversify to ride the wave of disruption. Whatever you do, it’s important to look ahead and adjust your small business […]

Video in social media posts get double the views

Small business owners can hugely benefit from ramping up their LinkedIn profiles by posting short videos. For those looking for a new way to do sales, head over to LinkedIn. It’s the most popular online network for B2B. In fact, the platform is an excellent too for driving sales and fostering brand awareness. If you’re […]

Why small business owners need to routinely update their passwords

It’s incredible how sophisticated cyber hackers have become. In fact, U.S. businesses have lost more than $4 billion because of cyber related incidents. As small businesses become more and more reliant on mobile devices, it’s crucial to follow best practices of safeguarding your private information and sensitive data. Hackers love to target small businesses, which […]

Leadership gone wrong: How you are driving your employees away

We can’t seem to hire the right people. Could it be us? Yes. It could be. Take a step back and go over the reasons why your previous employees left. And if you didn’t ask, you’re missing out on essential feedback. Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. When a small business, like yours, loses […]