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Three Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses

A Tweet here, a LinkedIn update there….when does it end? Managing your social media accounts is like trying to tame a hungry — mind you, a very hungry beast. Social media is now a requirement for any business to thrive. It’s no longer a cute thing to do, social media marketing is a must. So, […]

Small Business Can Make Money On Cyber Monday Too

It is not news that one of the biggest times of the year for businesses is during the holiday season with an overwhelming amount of sales happening in the 4 days after Thanksgiving. As a small business, you might think that you cannot compete with the big box stores for some of those holiday dollars, […]

The Effects of Technology On Businesses

Although technology and social media may seem like the perfect tools to help you build your brand name and subsequently your small business, there are a few pitfalls to avoid along the way. With ever-growing access to information, consumers are looking at companies in a different way, with an increasing focus on company accountability to […]

Writing Help for Business Owners

If you’re doing an extensive amount of writing for your business then consider adapting these tools and tricks into your writing process. They will freshen up the process immediately and are common among famous writers in every field. Learn How to Touch Type The biggest and most important step for anyone who wants to make […]

Cool Small Business Start-Ups On The Cheap

Here are ten great ideas to start a part-time small business with limited experience and little cash. These businesses can be started up in no time, in any town across the county, with great results. If you’re looking to delve into the world of small business, but aren’t the most business-minded person, then these cool […]

Streamlining to Save Time and Money

Learning how to manage your database is the first step to streamlining your company and stop wasting time and money. There are a few tricks that can help small business owners improve their business and all they take is a little know-how and effort to set up. Gene Marks, a contributor to Forbes.com, suggests in […]

Message to #Occupy: Get A Job!

Consider these jobs as an opportunity into the white collar working world. Honorable entry level jobs are not hard to find. If you’re changing fields, or need a side job to help boost your small business, then consider taking a temporary position in one of the occupations mentioned below. These jobs pay well, provide the […]