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Information Websites for Small Business Owners – Get Blog Articles, Videos, and Education About the Economy

The current trend in the Republican GOP debates is a firm understanding of the economy. With the Wall Street occupation in New York and the bleak political debates on mainstream media, small business owners are wondering all the time what the future holds for them. Now is the time to get educated. The best part […]

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Financial crisis is described as the variability in capital sell and streams figures caused by unpredictable modifications to the product price tags, interest levels and trade estimates (Kaen, 2005). The current financial crisis has begun in August 2007 and he has been known to be the most awful economic crisis considering that Good Despression symptoms […]

Gender Equality in the Small Business Workplace

As your small business grows and you begin to hire employees, it’s important to note the issue of gender equality in the American workforce. In a survey released by Randstad US, 78% of respondents reported that everyone should be treated equally despite race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or religion. But the sad fact is that […]

Barack Obama’s Tax Plan In 2011

Barack Obama’s tax plan provides a general tax relief to the working class while minimizing taxes for the entrepreneurship that generate industry in America. Barack Obama’s plan is to restore fairness to the tax code while returning fiscal responsibility to the government. Even though his optimistic investments in green energy and education have lost momentum, […]

What to Cover in Your Application

It’s 2010 and the unemployment rate, as you know, has sky rocketed. You need a job and so does the long line of other jobs seekers. Nowadays, finding work is harder than before the recession due to limited openings and a flood of qualified candidates eager to snag an open opportunity. Competition is fierce in […]