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COVID-19: How to use Virtual Reality and Tech Tools for Your Small Business

COVID-19: How to use Virtual Reality and Tech Tools for Your Small Business

No one really knows what the future may hold. We could beat this virus through a strict regimen of steering clear of each other at all times or we may fail and many of us will fall ill or even worse die from it. Serious times no doubt. If you are a small business owner you may have no choice but to adapt to the latest CDC guidelines.

Find the silver lining

 Internet technology is our best friend against any virus. Tech is an exciting savior of humanity against a bleak alternative. Without internet communication we would be reduced to phone calls, Morse code and discussions from 10 feet away. Technology is our best friend right now against the new corona virus. All we have to do is identify which type of technology could benefit our businesses

No human contact

Video calling, email, virtual reality and livestream feeds to our websites. How about webinars, chat rooms, and interactive virtual tours and online shopping. Not to mention classes books and videos and telemedicine.

These are all examples of services we can offer customers without contact. Store owners could set up virtual reality 360 tour of your store, customers can order products online. Employees armed with computers can work remotely with the use of common software programs.

Contractors can set no contact meetings on phone or video and sign contracts and accept money through email. What this means is many of us can work from home with a computer and all of us can shop from home as well.

Update your marketing and website presence to suit your business and survive

  If you have to close or slow down business operations consider some great tech options. One of the best tech services that is increasingly popular is a virtual reality tour.

From large events to small tours of shops and restaurants VR tours are a great way to showcase and really give people a feel for what they can experience at your business.

VR tour is a tool that enhances your website above the competition. They can also be used for guided online tours and classes, and showcasing products.

Also consider all the ways to improve your online presence and any services you could offer.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google360 Street View
  • Livestreaming
  • Video Production
  • Interactive Videos
  • Online Store
  • Wide Angle Photography

These are all great things to enhance websites during the downtime

In short, now is a great time to do whatever you can to attract customers online. Restaurants can do delivery services for example. Or even if you just want to make some improvements to your search engine optimization to attract more customers.

Good luck and stay healthy.