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Video in social media posts get double the views

Video in social media posts get double the views

Small business owners can hugely benefit from ramping up their LinkedIn profiles by posting short videos.

For those looking for a new way to do sales, head over to LinkedIn. It’s the most popular online network for B2B. In fact, the platform is an excellent too for driving sales and fostering brand awareness.

If you’re in the B2C space, LinkedIn may not be the best social platform for you. However, snapping up short videos of you and your products and posting them across social platforms such as TikTok (it’s not just for kids!), Instagram, Snap, YouTube, will generate leads and sales.

Attention is a commodity. We live in a digital society. And where do you think eyeballs are looking? Online.

We used devices more often than we brush our teeth and go to the gym. We are connected online with smartphones, tablets, desktops and beyond.

To truly target your customers, you need to go where they are and that’s on any given platform. Right now, TikTok, a short video app made in China, is the most downloaded app in the world with 1.5 billion users and counting.

Brands are already using it.

Think back about five years ago. Would you have used Instagram to sell your products? Probably not. Now it’s a haven for online sellers. And it’s over saturated and the ad spend is quite expensive.

TikTok is like a blank canvas. It’s easier to build a following and the ad spend costs less. There are security risks, though, as the platform was designed by Chinese and we don’t know for sure how the data is being used.

To play it safe, there’s Youtube, which is trusted and an awesome platform to build a following. The trick is coming up with a clever approach to your video marketing and figuring out a way to create value for your customers.

Think value first, your business second.

With the videos you create, you can share them across platforms. The videos can be shot using a smart phone. In fact, there is a wealth of tutorials available online to get you started. Do a Google search for “video marketing” and “how to shoot videos on a smartphone” to get you started.

Now, back to LinkedIn. Users are beginning to post videos on this platform and they are getting roughly 48 percents more views. What’s great about optimizing this platform is you can do a quick video of you doing an informative interview in which you have three tips that would bring value you to your prospects and customers.

So say, you are an architect. You can showcase your project by posting drone footage.

Perhaps, you offer moving services. You can do a quick tutorial on how to plan for a move, using yourself as the speaker and a few photos with text overlay to drive home the point.

Remember, targeting customers is figuring out where they are and then offering them content that is both interesting and valuable. Using video in your social media posts is a low budget way to gain traction and attract attention.

Now, go and break a leg.