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Six Small Business Ideas for Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners

Six Small Business Ideas for Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners

Not everyone is meant to work for an employer, helping to build someone else’s dream can get old quick. Instead, why not turn a passion into a business pursuit? That very idea is why many folks go out on their own, leaving the safety net of big corporations.

First off, you’ll need an idea. Then, you’ll need to create a business plan. [See our past article on how to write a business plan for small business owners for tips.]

To get you started, here are six small business ideas to consider that don’t require extensive capital. What are you waiting for? Dive in.

  • Personal Trainer. Take your passion for fitness and wellness and share your expertise with others. With a little bit of social media marketing and organizing customized fitness routines, you can start small by renting space at area gyms and community parks. Outdoor yoga? Check.
  • Online Seller. Do you love to shop and have a knack for deals? Then turn to Instagram and create your very own online store. Ebay and Etsy and Amazon also are great options. This endeavor allows you to manager your own hours and you can easily work from home, which is nice for folks raising young children.
  • Cleaning Service. Everything needs clean. Private homes. Private planes. Offices. Small hotels. All sorts of retailers. With a small investment and an ample sized car, and a bit of marketing to get the word out, you’ll land clients after clients. What’s great about this path are profit margins are fairly high, so your sweat equity will pay off in dividends.
  • Consultant. This takes serious expertise and experience to get into, but if you’re savvy in a particular skill then consulting work is fair game. Think about how you can maximize someone else’s business and then specialize in that area. Talented at building sales teams? Try sales training. Know how to do incredible presentations? Teach others public speaking skills and how to create powerful presentations. The options are endless, simply go with your expertise and network as much as you can to land clients.
  • Digital Marketer. As the businesses continue to transform into the modern era, the need for digital marketing services has steadily increased creating opportunity for small business owners. As a digital marketer, you can take on a few clients and work as a “solopreneur.” Or, if your dream is to go big, then you can build a team and run an agency.
  • Website Developer. Just like the increasingly demand for digital marketing, the need for proper website creations also is on the rise. Simple WordPress based websites can offer incredible options for many companies. If you’re a website developer now, consider going off on your own and directly servicing clients. Start small and see how fast you’ll grow.

While starting a new business can be daunting, it doesn’t have to be when you realize you’re turning your passion into a viable business. The freedom to earn income on your terms is not only liberation, it’s the foundation of the American Dream. Good luck.