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How to Build a Loyal Workforce

How to Build a Loyal Workforce

A business is only as good as its employees. This is why small business owners should focus on creating a team of driven employees that look forward to coming to work. In order to do this, small business owners should focus on keeping productivity up while continuing to engage with their team by building loyalty and a positive work atmosphere.

One way to help create a positive work atmosphere is to focus on the tiny ways your or your management team may be slowing down an employee’s productivity. You or your management team might be micromanaging your employees. No one knows what works for him or her better than they do, so leave it up to the employee to meet their deadlines. Building a positive workplace also means acknowledging work done and not just work left to do. Finally, everyone knows that it is hard to get anything done if you are constantly being interrupted. Try letting employees know what you need to talk about and when you plan on having the conversation a head of time so they can plan their tasks around it instead of breaking their concentration every time you need to discuss something with them.

Another way to build a loyal workforce is by building an employee’s loyalty and keeping them from checking out while on the job is to focus on their long-tern mental health. Studies have shown that when a person feels like a valuable and cared about member of a team, they will work harder and better. Some ways to keep employees engaged is to give out incentives such as paid lunches or extra time off for a job well done. Another way is to build a sense of community among the employees. To do this, one may try to encourage them to participate in activates outside of the office, such as organizing an office sports team to play against other adult leagues in the area. Even throwing a company picnic for you employees and their families is a good way to let them de-stress and come together as a team.

Once a sense of community starts to grow within the workplace, make sure that is can continue to thrive. There are 3 types of toxic employees to look out for who are often more work than they are worth. One such employee is the leader who uses their power to bully other employees. Another such bad employee is anyone who, no matter going through training, refuses to follow rules and regulations. Finally, the most toxic of all employees are those who cause problems among other employees with gossip or just trying to create drama.

Once free on these toxic types of employees and after creating a happy work place when the people behind your business are treated well, the positive effects are sure to show. This is one time where everyone involved, the employee, the employer and ultimately the consumer can all win.

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