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Compete With The Competition

Compete With The Competition

In a down economy, not only do you have to deal with job uncertainly, pay cuts, the possibility of getting laid off and then finding work and to compound all of these stressful issues with the rise in the cost of living, it’s enough to put anyone over the edge.

When companies have financial distress and need pinch pennies to meet budget cuts, it might mean for you that you will get cut out of a job. Unfortunately, losing work due to company restructuring or a business simply not making it in today’s economy, is it out of your control.

But in shaky times like these, where job security is almost nonexistent, you can do things to help you secure your job. The idea is to sharpen your professional competitive edge.

Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to put on your A game to stay competitive within your industry. Because if you don’t, someone else will and land the work you wanted.

How does a professional stay competitive? Two words: Be proactive. In your current job, do the best that you can do and show your manager that you are a person who takes initiative. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as, asking to take on more projects or staying late to perfect your current work.

Another way to stay competitive in your field is to attend workshops and professional seminars. This will serve you in numerous ways. Attending workshops and seminars, keeps you active and focused within your industry. In addition, the networking opportunities as such events are invaluable to help you find future positions, as long as you stay in touch with the people you meet.

You can also take classes at your local university or online to acquire new skills which will make you a better candidate for other types of work. And it shows your manager, that you are enthusiastic and willing to put the time in to learn something new. It’s important to progress in life and in your career, and taking classes in a suitable academic program is one way to do so.

Don’t forget about going to the library or local bookstore to find books covering topics on your industry. The idea is to become an expert in your field by reading what you can, whether it’s professional journals, online articles and books. In other words, do your homework. In some occupations, it may be helpful for you to write magazine articles to share with others your expertise on a particular subject. Indeed, you will impress and draw attention to yourself as a competitive player in the professional world.

The shaky economy is out of your control. Whether or not, your boss will lay you off regardless of how stellar of an employee you are, when it’s time for budget cuts, it’s time to cut staff and unfortunately, you have no say in the matter. But what you can do, is to do is perform the best you can at work and become a competitive professional.

Start enhancing your career development today. Keep learning, networking, growing your skill set and fine tuning your expertise to compete with the competition.

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