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The N.C.E. stands for the National Congress of Employers
A national association that represents America's small and medium sized businesses via networking, advocacy, and information sharing.
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Advocacy, Education & Benefits
The NCE seeks to provide its members with reliable services, resources, and benefits regardless of one's circumstances or means.
Need For Change
The self-employed and "Micro-Businesses" make up more than half of all businesses in the United States
Roughly forty-one million Americans go without healthcare every day. Families of the self-employed, or those working for small businesses, make up sixty percent of that total.
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How to Get Invoices Paid

Cash flow is important to any small business, as money is the gear that keeps the whole operation running; but there maybe a wrench in the operation if your customers refuse to pay for your goods and services or pay invoices late. The obvious way to keep your cash flow intact is to get paid [...]

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The Cost Of Morale: Offering Paid Sick Days

As of April of this year, businesses in New York City with at least 15 employees are required to offer paid sick days. Similar laws are already in effect in cities in California, Washington, and Connecticut. Many small business owners are wondering if this is a trend that will catch on nation wide—and it if [...]

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Raising Minimum Wage and Small Business

Last week Seattle made headlines for raising its minimum wage to a whooping $15 an hour. That is over $5 more than the current mandate and nearly $8 more than the federal rate of $7.25. When the debate over minimum wage is raised, often times big box corporations come to mind—those corporations where the CEO [...]

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Does the End of Net Neutrality Mean the End to Small Buiness

Currently, the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) requires all common carriers to treat all data packages traveling the Internet service providers’ networks equally. This means that content loads at the same speed for the end user solely upon the internet speed available to them and the bandwidth tier for which they pay. However, in an appeal [...]

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Advantages of Small Business Blogging

It is no secret that social media provides a low cost way to promote your business. Websites like Facebook and Twitter provide an outlet for small business owners to communicate with a large number of people for little expense. Blogs are another great way for small business owners to build a community around your business [...]

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